Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2

Today's workout: 30 mins. cardio (elliptical), back: lat pull down (wide and narrow grip); biceps: curls (3 different kinds). (I really should have done more, but I was in a hurry to go to The Children's Museum with some friends...Oh well! Better a little than nothing!! :)

Today's meals:

1 c. Multi-Grain Cheerios, 1/2 c. 1% milk, coffee with Truvia--160 cals

S: 2 packs mini raisins--90 cals, Diet Green Tea--15 cals

L: 2 slices wheat bread--160 cals, 6 slices turkey--60 cals, mustard--0, Tony's--0; 1 cup whole strawberries--50 cals, US tea (oops I've had a lot of caffeine today, haha!)

S: 1 serving animal crackers, 1/2 c. 1% milk--170 cals

Total before dinner: 705 cals

D: (Red Robin with friends) Fajita Chicken Salad, no dressing, sour cream, or guac. Y'all, I'm thinking (hoping, praying) it was around 500-600 calories, bringing my total to 1200-1300 for the day. That's the WORST part about eating out. I found some of Red Robin's nutrition info. online, but it didn't seem reliable and wasn't accurate as far as what was on my salad. I hope I'm right...think I'll do heavy cardio in the morning anyway.

So...today's total: somewhere between 1200 and 1400.

A tip on calorie counting: If you're not sure how to count calories and don't have an iPhone (like me), there are some great websites you can use. Most of them are free to sign up and are very accurate. Ones I've used are fitday.com and caloriecount.about.com. Both of those also have other great features that are worth checking out. I usually just keep a running total in my head or jot it down on a Post It if I have time.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 1

I will do my best to always keep this short and sweet. I want to encourage you that while it is wonderful to make healthy living a priority, be sure that you are balancing your time during the day. My intent is not to make you obsessed with losing weight or becoming thin, but to encourage you to incorporate diet and exercise into your daily life so that you can maximize enjoyment of your day. If you are not currently doing a daily quiet time where you spend time in the Word and in prayer with God, I would encourage you to do so! I have some of my best prayer times on the elliptical machine! :) Another way to spend time with God while working out is to jam out to praise/worship music while you're exercising.

Today's workout: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Abs, light cardio.

Chest: flat bench presses, incline bench presses

Shoulders: presses, lateral raises, front raises, cup dumps

Triceps: Presses (cable), girl push-ups, extensions (using a free weight)

Abs: Various exercises

Cardio: 22 min. interval run on elliptical
Workout time: approx. 1 hour

Today's Meal Plan: (B = Brkfst, S = Snack, L = Lunch, D = Dinner)

B: Oatmeal (regular)--140 cals., 1 c. frozen blueberries--(80 cals.), coffee (black) w/ Truvia--0 cals.

S: Didn't have one--oops! Was at the gym and running errands.

L: 2 slices wheat bread--160 cals, 6 slices Turkey--60 cals., 1 tbsp. mustard--0 cals, Tony's--0 cals., 1 cup. whole strawberries (frozen)--50 cals., water.

Total so far (after lunch): 490 cals.

S: Honey Roasted Peanuts (1/2 serving--20 pieces)--90, water

D: 10 shrimp sauteed in spray butter and Tony's--90, 1/2 c. black beans--110, 2T low fat mozz. cheese--40 cals.

S: 1/4 cup Breyer's Light Ice Cream (Jackson's leftovers--YES calories eaten off your child's plate DO COUNT, lol. Luckily I was planning to eat this tonight.)--80 cals.

900 calories --This is on the lower end, but I don't feel bad about it because I feel satisfied and full! Should have had my morning snack. Will do better tomorrow. I REALLY need to go to the grocery store.

Tomorrow's Workout: Back, Biceps, Cardio

PS - iPhone users, my friend Jaime was telling me about the "Lose It" application, and it sounds SO COOL! It tracks your calorie intake for you (you don't have to worry about reading the label, etc.) and has been provent to be really accurate! I don't know all that the application offers, but what I've heard is really neat. Check it out! Almost makes me want to quit being an "iPhone snob"...;)

I hope you've had a great day. If not, there's always TOMORROW!! :)

Getting Started

I LOVE a new week when it comes to my diet and exercise. The weekends are hard for me sometimes. I LOVE eating out and being social, which almost always involves food! However my weekend has been (and I was actually a good girl this weekend), I love the fact that I can start new on Monday.

OK so like I said in the previous post, this Blog is more of a journal. I feel sort of dumb making this public knowledge, but if it helps even one person--that's great!

I guess I should start by telling you what my goals are because they don't necessarily have to do with a number on the scale. In actuality, I have pretty much lost all my baby weight. I'm only about 3 pounds from the number I was at before I got pregnant; however, I've learned that that number now does NOT mean now what it did then. It seems as though I'll have to weigh significantly less to look the same. (Anyone else have this problem???) So I'm definitely not worried about a number. I just want to feel great and be toned when it's all said and done. I really have a different approach to this weight loss thing than I ever have before. I'm not trying to be "skinny" but rather healthy and energetic and in good shape to have the most fun with my family as I possibly can! If I get "skinny" in the process, well PRAISE THE LORD, but that's not my ultimate goal. :)

So here's how I got started:

1. I found an accountability partner, my awesome SIL.
2. We came up with a few guidelines (5-6 meals a day, 1200-1400 cals a day, 6 days/wk exercise) and vowed to email each other each day.
3. Started a food journal to record calorie intake.
4. Got my self to the gym!!!

Let me say a word about accountability. You don't have to have someone to go to the gym with. They don't even have to live in the same town as you. My SIL lives 5 hours away, but knowing that she is doing this thing with me helps tremendously. My husband and I used to work out together, which was amazing accountability, but with a child, that is not so possible anymore! Someone kinda has to watch him. :) If you don't have anyone you think will hold you accountable, I would LOVE to be your accountability partner. You can email me everyday if you want. I'd love to be a support to you.

Pack your fridge with healthy snacks, sources of lean protein (egg whites, chicken, fish, etc.) that you can access quickly and easily. Get ready to eat every couple hours. You're going to have to do some prior planning to keep yourself from getting stuck in sticky situations, but you can do it. It will soon become routine. It's only been 2 weeks for us, and I feel as though I've formed new (old) habits already.

OK and a word about keeping a food journal: I believe this is crucial to success in your diet. Sometimes you have NO idea the mistakes you are making. I like to think that I'm a healthy eater for the most part, but within the first couple of days of recording my calorie intake, I was able to pin point areas where I was committing diet suicide without even realizing it. I HIGHLY recommend this if you are trying to start any sort of healthy eating lifestyle. Record all of your calories, and be SURE to stick to portion sizes. (For example, piling black beans on a whole wheat tortilla is not necessarily a good thing if you're having more than 1/2 cup because a 1/2 cup of black beans has ~110 calories.) You don't have to do this forever, and yes, it IS tedious. But it's so worth it.

I will post what I've eaten for the day tonight (and try to do so each night.)

If you are not eating healthy and exercising, today's your day! It's Monday; it's a new week; it's the best time to start!

You know you want to!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am a SAHM who is desperately trying to shed remaining pregnancy pounds, and I feel that Blogging about my journey to meeting my weight loss and fitness goals could be both a source of accountability for me and a support to others who are trying to meet their own weight loss and fitness goals.

I will explain how I got started in another post, but the basics of the diet/exercise plan I am following are as follows:

1. Eat 5-6 small meals each day (B, L, D and 2-3 snacks).
2. Consume between 1200 and 1400 calories each day.
3. Exercise 6 days a week incorporating cardiovascular activity and strength training.

You might be saying, "1200 calories??? That's it???!!!" Trust me, you can eat a LOT in a day with 1200 calories; it just takes some planning. I think that a lot of women don't realize how many calories they are actually consuming in a day. The key is to eat foods that are packed with nutrients and NOT calories.

You do not have to starve to be thin!

If you would like to join me in my journey to being a Fit Mama, I would love to have you! I LOVE fitness/nutrition advice, and I love to talk about all things fitness and nutrition. Feel free to post comments about things you'd like to talk about or tips you have found to be helpful. If you know absolutely nothing about living a healthy lifestyle, please feel free to ask questions, too! TRUST ME, I am not expert! You can look at me and tell that. But I do know the basics, and unfortunately I've become quite experienced in losing weight because it's been a lifelong battle; however, I have found a way to get it off and keep it off!

I'm excited about the accountability this Blog will give you and me. Most of all, I hope that I can be of encouragement to my readers. I feel that a happy, healthy mom is crucial to the happiness of her child(ren) (and everyone around her...If mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!)

I look forward to starting this journey with you! :)