Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Bad Girl!

Sorry all you two who read this. Haha. I totally forgot about this Blog after not doing it for just one weekend when my family was here. I guess I'm also kind of at a standstill...or plateau in my progress. I'm at my PPW, but I don't at all look the same. I've said that a thousand times, but it's true. I know I need to step things up a bit, and getting back into my work out routine will help. Last week was a busy week, and I was just trying to get by! So, I'm going to concentrate my efforts on continuing to tone. I thought I might give this up, but I feel like it does provide accountability for me that's good. I'm so weird. But you love me anyway. :)

Today: 1165 total cals.

B: whole wheat toast, all fruit jelly (amazing--Polaner brand), 1/4 c. egg whites, coffee--160
S: 3 whole wheat PB crackers, Diet Green Tea--100
L: 1 tortilla, 1/2 c. black beans, salsa, 100 cal. pack, yogurt--420
S: 1 c. fruit, water--80
D: tilapia, veggies, brown rice--255
S: skim milk, apple--150

I seriously eat the same things everyday, but it doesn't seem to bother me. I do need some variety. I found some amazing recipes on Fitness.com. When we get back from Dallas this weekend, I'm going to incorporate some new meals into my daily routine. Just so I don't burn out.

Y'all have a great day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 36

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. After Bible Study, I hung out with Kyle and then forgot!

B: Luna Bar--170, coffee--10
S: none
L: tortilla, stir-fry veggies, shrimp, salsa, yogurt, diet green tea--275
S: special K bar, 6 slices turkey, water--150
D: Lean Cuisine, 1/4 of J's PB & J sandwich--500

Exercise: back & biceps, 10 min. cardio warm-up, P90X abs with Kyle

Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 35

Sometimes I feel like this is SO silly that I post this for the world to see, but for some strange reason it keeps me doing well. Whatever works! Haha.

B: Luna Bar, Diet Green Tea--180
S: 1/2 banana (split with my baby, :) , US tea--50
L: Multi grain wrap, 6 slices turkey, 1 tsp. mozz. cheese, salsa, yogurt--295
S: Special K bar--90
D: "tasted" the lasagna I made for the boys, slim fast shake with 1 c. 1% milk and 1 c. berries, 1/4 c. green beans--330

Total cals: 945 (On the low end, but for some reason I'm really full today. That shake was VERY filling.

Exercise: 10 mins. elliptical (warm-up), chest, shoulders, triceps, abs

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 34

Yes, Sundays are normally my free day. I actually didn't deserve one this week, so I'm not taking one. But I was still able to eat at Berryhill's today and boy was it yummy! :)

B: whole wheat toast (plain) & coffee w/ 1% milk & then coffee w/ a little powder cream at chruch--100
S: none--church (great sermon today & wonderful challenge from Pastor Trammel!)
L: (Berryhill's) 1 grilled fish taco wrapped in 2 small corn tortillas with no Dijon sauce (so lettuce, pico, and the grilled fish), salsa, and 3/4 c. black beans, water--335 (didn't have chips & salsa)
S: 1 serving animal crackers--120
D: So, I wasn't very hungry because we had Berryhill's for lunch, but I ate 1/4 of Jackson's grilled cheese sandwich and a 90 cal. bar. I caved and made coffee (It was a long day with Jackson...he wasn't quite himself) and drank it. I went to the grocery store, and when I got home, I think I grabbed a few honey roasted peanuts. Haha. I can't remember.--so around...hmmm let's say...350?

Total cals: 905

Exercise: None

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 33

**Edit--Today is weigh day, and I am officially down 10 lbs.!** Weight loss is very slooooooooooow now, but I'm working hard on toning. I just ordered the P90X Ab Ripper DVD. Any of my Houston friends who wanna do it with me, let me know! :) I didn't get the whole system since I can't justify it considering we already have 2 gym memberships. I figure I'll keep doing what I'm doing for everything else and do that for Abs. Woo-hoo!

Sorry guys...I have been bad about posting at night! Mainly because I have gotten SO close to my PPW that I have gotten a little too comfortable and have been eating some things I shouldn't...haha! And I have been embarrassed to tell you. I really shouldn't be moving into "maintaining mode" quite yet, because I still have toning to do! Tomorrow is weigh day, so we will see if my bad behavior has hurt me! I'm starting today kicking it up a notch so that I can get this process over with. No use in dragging it out any longer...right? So, this is me committing to be good. Even though it feels so good to be bad...;). I will say that I didn't go over the calories yesterday, but my choices weren't exactly nutritionally sound...a few too many animal crackers. Yes, they are low in fat, but they will not help you see your ab muscles, that's for sure. OK done with my rant.

B: NV granola bars (I seriously need more variety, lol), McDonald's coffee--200
S: None
L: multi-grain tortilla, veggies, string cheese, 5 shrimp, spray butter & Tony's--240
S: 1/4 c. honey roasted peanuts, low sugar oatmeal--300 (I did this b/c I thought I wouldn't be eating dinner, but we ended up going somewhere with healthy options...Sweet Tomatoes...AMAZING salad bar!
D: Yummy salad w/ all sorts of veggies, small sweet potato, water--350
S: Frozen yogurt with strawberries at Berripop--200

Total Cals: 1290

Exercise: Had a GREAT workout at the gym, complete with an 81 yr. old man telling me the following: "You look great, baby doll. But I won't keep harping on it. You are your own best judge...you know, when you zip up your jeans...especially those tight ones." HAHAHAHA. Seriously?! And he watched me do my ENTIRE ab routine. It was a little awkward, but I kept going. Geez Um Peets. Anyway--I did all upper body today: shoulders, chest, triceps, back, biceps and abs. Also did 25 mins. elliptical at home. This makes up for yesterday, when I didn't work out at all...besides chasing J around the playground at the Woodland's Mall...sheesh.