Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random Post After Many Months


So I was about to write a post for my other Blog, and I saw this one. I completely forgot about it evidenced by the fact that I haven't posted in months. Doesn't mean I've fallen off the bandwagon. Once I reached my pre preggo weight, I did stop counting calories and just continued working out (mostly consistently.)

I have to say the past few months I haven't done quite as well...this is a busy season! I am in Baton Rouge now, which makes it hard to be good, but I'm trying my best. I'm not into tons of Holiday always feels so gross later.

With that said, I'm planning on being sort of good as much as possible for the rest of this month and then going all out in January. Now I have a different goal: toning.

I don't really have a plan yet. We shall see. Maybe I'll think about it as I'm eating this Christmas week. ;)

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