Sunday, August 2, 2009

Day 34

Yes, Sundays are normally my free day. I actually didn't deserve one this week, so I'm not taking one. But I was still able to eat at Berryhill's today and boy was it yummy! :)

B: whole wheat toast (plain) & coffee w/ 1% milk & then coffee w/ a little powder cream at chruch--100
S: none--church (great sermon today & wonderful challenge from Pastor Trammel!)
L: (Berryhill's) 1 grilled fish taco wrapped in 2 small corn tortillas with no Dijon sauce (so lettuce, pico, and the grilled fish), salsa, and 3/4 c. black beans, water--335 (didn't have chips & salsa)
S: 1 serving animal crackers--120
D: So, I wasn't very hungry because we had Berryhill's for lunch, but I ate 1/4 of Jackson's grilled cheese sandwich and a 90 cal. bar. I caved and made coffee (It was a long day with Jackson...he wasn't quite himself) and drank it. I went to the grocery store, and when I got home, I think I grabbed a few honey roasted peanuts. Haha. I can't remember.--so around...hmmm let's say...350?

Total cals: 905

Exercise: None

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